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Overhead Fabric Display Systems

Overhead fabric display structures offer an excellent solution for brand exposure in retail, exhibition and trade show environments. Visible from long distances, these structures are branded using an interchangeable lightweight digital dye-sublimated fabric print, tensioned over a lightweight but strong aluminium frame structure.

Using a push button connection system similar to tent poles, these structures are quick and easy to assemble and dismantle, and are ideal for lightweight transportation and compact storage.

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Overhead Fabric Display Systems

  • Product Description & Pricing
Product ID:Description:Printed Single Sided PricePrinted Double Sided Price
BT729TFSFabric Structure Frame - Bowed Triangle 2100 x 750mm€1,559€1,930
BT740TFSFabric Structure Frame - Bowed Triangle 2100 x 1000mm€1,856€2,356
C1029TFSFabric Structure Frame - Curve 3100 x 750mm€867€1,047
C1040TFSFabric Structure Frame - Curve 3100 x 1000mm€998€1,240
C729TFSFabric Structure Frame - Curve 2100 x 750mm€648€771
C740TFSFabric Structure Frame - Curve 2100 x 1000mm€738€904
CN1032TFSFabric Structure Frame - Canopies 3200 x 810mm€965€1,191
CN732TFSFabric Structure Frame - Canopies 2200 x 810mm€713€869
O1029TFSFabric Structure Frame - Oval 3000 x 750mm€1,547€1,912
O1040TFSFabric Structure Frame - Oval 3000 x 1000mm€1,851€2,342
O729TFSFabric Structure Frame - Oval 2100 x 750mm€1,079€1,330
O740TFSFabric Structure Frame - Oval 2100 x 1000mm€1,303€1,641
R1029TFSFabric Structure Frame - Ring 3200 x 750mm€2,232€2,815
R1040TFSFabric Structure Frame - Ring 3200 x 1000mm€2,655€3,440
R829TFSFabric Structure Frame - Ring 2600 x 750mm€1,822€2,290
R840TFSFabric Structure Frame - Ring 2600 x 1000mm€2,162€2,792
RC1029TFSFabric Structure Frame - Rectangle 3200 x 750mm€825€1,018
RC1040TFSFabric Structure Frame - Rectangle 3200 x 1000mm€972€1,231
RC729TFSFabric Structure Frame - Rectangle 2100 x 750mm€615€746
RC740TFSFabric Structure Frame - Rectangle 2100 x 1000mm€717€893
S1029TFSFabric Structure Frame - Serpentine 3600 x 750mm€1,086€1,324
S1040TFSFabric Structure Frame - Serpentine 3600 x 1000mm€1,266€1,588
SQ1029TFSFabric Structure Frame - Square 3200 x 750mm€2,599€3,371
SQ1040TFSFabric Structure Frame - Square 3200 x 1000mm€3,173€4,211
SQ729TFSFabric Structure Frame - Square 2100 x 750mm€1,814€2,331
SQ740TFSFabric Structure Frame - Square 2100 x 1000mm€2,204€2,899
ST1029TFSFabric Structure Frame - Serpentine Tri 3600 x 750mm€2,088€2,804
ST1040TFSFabric Structure Frame - Serpentine Tri 3600 x 1000mm€2,755€3,719
T1029TFSFabric Structure Frame - Triangle 3200 x 750mm€1,995€2,580
T1040TFSFabric Structure Frame - Triangle 3200 x 1000mm€2,422€3,200
T729TFSFabric Structure Frame - Triangle 2100 x 750mm€1,413€1,795
T740TFSFabric Structure Frame - Triangle 2100 x 1000mm€1,695€2,216

Lifetime Warranty

Fabric structure frames are covered for a lifetime of ownership. Should any aluminum structure fail to function due to defective materials or workmanship, Nomadic will repair or replace it free-of-charge, for life.


Delivered Complete

Each kit is delivered to you in a sturdy carton made of recycled content.

The kit includes everything you need:

  • aluminum structure.
  • hanging hardware.
  • fabric printed graphics.
  • set of cotton gloves.
  • liner to provide added opacity for graphics and lighting.
  • assembly instructions.
  • engineering certification.

There are 10 shapes to choose from

Call our sales team on 1890 866 811 for more information on the best type of overhead tension fabric structure for your business.

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Creo has 12 years experience in trade shows and exhibitions and a philosophy based on exceptional service, quality product and innovative solutions. If you want to find out more please contact us directly or email us for an exploratory conversation.

Creo are official Irish distributors for Nomadic Display, one of the world's most experienced and best known manufacturing companies in the exhibition industry. Creo offers a wide range of Display Stands from Roll Up Banner Stands and portable Pop up Display Stands to large Custom Modular Display Exhibition Stands.

As distributor for the world's leading producer of high-quality portable displays, Creo have helped businesses like yours produce dynamic selling environments. Whether you exhibit in smaller local events or large international shows, Nomadic Exhibition stands enable you to effectively communicate your message with visual impact while building your brand.

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Have an upcoming exhibition or event but need help to showcase your products and services and make the maximum impact?

We can help!



A tension fabric trade show display also offers supreme reusability, as fabrics are relatively inexpensive. Buy one frame and as many fabric graphics as you want to create an experience that is tailored to each show's audience.

Incorporate lightweight fabric structures at the highest points of your space with commanding graphics viewed from a distance above the crowds and have a unique way of standing taller than your competitors and drawing attention to your exhibition stand.

Easy Assembly

Tension fabric trade show displays feature lightweight frames that expand with ease, allowing one to two people to set up even large units at an event.

Our overhead tensioned fabric displays go together in the most logical straightforward fashion, so you don't waste time on site figuring things out. While they are visually stunning, they are fast to build, and easy to transport making it all worthwhile in making sure that your company name or message is visible from every direction on the exhibition floor.

All Fabric

There are so many different options when it comes to tension fabric display systems that exhibitors can easily create an entire booth using the same stretch material. The modern look creates a theme in your exhibit space that projects professionalism and style, so it will be easy to pull in trade show attendees.

We offer many tension fabric display systems in all shapes and sizes that are ideal for adding customized graphics to draw visitors to your stand.


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