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Audio Visual
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Audio Visual Screen Stands

The use of Video Monitors can boost any trade show displays popularity at the event. Keeping your audience engaged and entertained will not only enhance the look of your booth, but it will also help you create leads and generate sales.

Our Audio Visual Display stands provide a great way of grabbing maximum attention and informing your customers.Easy to set up, take down and transport, they are ideal for display at Exhibitions and Tradeshows.

Here are several ways you can incorporate screens into your display stands.


Customize Your Stand with integrated Video Monitors

Whether you are limited on employees to staff your display stand or all of your staff are busy speaking to other attendees, video monitors will keep people hanging around your trade show booth while you finish what you are doing.

These monitors could display demonstrations of your product or a presentation of what your company does. Creo offer a range of screen mounts depending on the structure of the display stand and the size of the monitor.


Customize Your Booth with standalone Audio Visual displays

Visitors to your stand may appreciate having an audio visual display stand that would allow them to view your website to find out more information about your company or your products. Having this available to them will give these potential customers the opportunity to see exactly what your company has to offer.

Creo offer a range of audio visual display stands which should help you create a winning show booth display.

Where interactivity is key to your promotion an ideal solution is our range of iPad display stands. They are designed to be not only versatile and stylish but secure with your tablet safely locked into the stand, where it is not only easily accessible to your customers but also protected.

The iPad Displays rotate a full 360º and can swivel 360º also the surface mounted versions can tilt 90º. With a little imagination, countless combinations of display configurations are possible. As an option a concealed home button version of the iPad frame for passive presentations is available.


Offer both Traditional and Digital Information

Digital brochures and information cost less than traditional brochures and won't take up any space at the booth. Many attendees will prefer digital information because it can be emailed to them instead of needing to carry it throughout the event.

After visiting several booths, the amount of brochures and literature that gets collected can be overwhelming. However, there are still going to be some people who prefer having traditional print materials so it is important to have both traditional and digital available for your booth visitors.

Creo can also provide a graphic design and a print service for those wishing to have traditional printed literature on their exhibition stand. We can even provide our customers with literature display stands.

If you do not see here what you are looking for please give us a call on 1890 866 811 to discuss your particular requirements.